Rural Area Solutions

Building addition base stations at rural areas to provide coverage to resorts, mountain roads, valleys, villages, isolated military camps etc. is not the most ideal method cost-wise. But the High Output Power Repeaters are quite suitable for rural area coverage situation. The installation requirements of the high output power repeaters are relatively low, and the installation period is much shorter compared to a base station. Even though the high output power repeater shares the capacity of other base stations to provide coverage, but with the low population in the coverage area, the capacity demands wouldn’t be any problem at all.


Villages are located in the country side, or even located at deserted areas. The signal coverage for these villages normally is not good, and requires proper signal coverage. Due to the low population in the village area, building base station for signal coverage purpose would not be wise, while repeater utilization for the signal coverage would be a much better solution choice. The most commonly used repeater types for the village coverage are the Frequency Shifting Repeater, and the ICS Repeater. The High Power Repeater and the Fiber Optic Repeater can also be implemented when certain conditions are met.


It is difficult for the operators to maintain good signal coverage for the roads or villages in the mountain area, due to the nature obstacles and surroundings. Building base stations to provide coverage isn’t the best solution since the population is low in the mountain area. In this kind of environment, the Frequency Shifting Repeater, and the ICS Repeater are good coverage choices, these repeaters can efficiently provide coverage to the mountain area with a reasonable cost. Other possible choices are the Fiber Optic Repeater and the High Power Repeater but with more strict application requirements.


The travelers or the tourists that are seeking relaxation at the resort would pretty much enjoy good signal coverage as the bonus feature of the resort. But the resorts with good scenery could be suffering from poor cellular signal coverage. For the resort coverage solution, the Fiber Optic Repeater of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS),the Frequency Shifting Repeater,the High Power Repeater, and the ICS Repeater are all possible choices.

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