Inbuilding Solutions

In-building environment can easily be suffering from poor signal coverage, due to the inevitable signal penetration loss of the wall. But around 70 percent of the time, mobile traffic happens inside buildings. Therefore, indoor coverage is especially important. In order to fulfill the coverage requirements of all kinds of building interiors, REMOTEK has developed more than 250 repeater models. Thus, we can provide complete in-building solutions for all customers.

Office Building

The high rise office buildings often suffer from poor telecommunication signal coverage, especially at high levels. Building more base stations or enhances the signal power from the existing base stations are not the most beneficial and suitable solutions. Since the materials used for building construction are steels and concrete mostly, and the building window glasses are often coated with a thin layer of metalized film. All these materials would affect the penetration loss of the radiated signal from the base station. Therefore, using the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) such as the Fiber Optic Repeaters and the Cable Boosters to provide adequate coverage for the interior of the high rise office building would be an effective solution at a reasonable price. The High Power Repeaters and ICS Repeaters can also be implemented as coverage solutions for high rise office buildings.

Shopping Mall

Dead spots and shadowed areas of the RF signal coverage are inevitable due to the design and decoration of the shopping mall, especially for underground floors or at certain corner locations in the mall. In order to extend the signal coverage and allow the subscribers to experience seamless coverage, the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) – Cable Booster is the ideal solution to extend the signal coverage for the shopping malls that already have base station built for in-building signal coverage. Another type of the DAS, the Fiber Optic Repeater is also a great solution to the signal coverage problem of a shopping mall, since it can be implemented whether there is already base station coverage in the mall or not. Other types of repeaters, like High Power Repeaters, and ICS Repeaters are also applicable for the high rise office buildings.


Due to the size and facilities requirement, factories are most likely to be located in the suburban areas. The telecommunication signal coverage in these suburban areas is not always sufficient, and dead spots and shadowed areas are inevitable. Thus, factories sometimes suffer from the poor cellular signal coverage problem. Building new base station for the factory coverage may not always be the ideal solution economically, because factories could be empty for at least one third of the time during a day and the amount of subscribers’ capacity usages aren’t much. Using the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) – Fiber Optic Repeater to extend the cellular coverage in the factory is the ideal solution to this problem. Since Fiber Optic Repeater costs much less and can be implemented much faster while providing equivalent amount of signal power compared to the base station. The High Power Repeater and ICS repeater are also good choices for factory coverage improvement.


Most of the hotel guest would be expecting seamless coverage within the hotel, call drops, or unable to make call would cause bad impression for the hotel. While improved cellular signal coverage within a hotel, not only could increase the guest satisfaction and loyalty soar, and also attract more guest stay. Among all the different kinds of repeaters, the Fiber Optic Repeater (i.e. the DAS), the High Power Repeater, and the ICS repeater are the most suitable types of repeaters for the hotel coverage.


Cellular signal not only allow subscribers to make phone calls, but also allow subscribers to transmit and receive data. Now days, people tend to use the hand held devices (smart phones, tablets, laptop, etc.) for gaming, web surfing, whenever they have free time. Diners in the restaurant sometimes use their phones whether to texting, web surfing, or even gaming while they are waiting for the food to be served. Thus, good cellular signal coverage is as important for restaurant as anywhere else. The Low & Medium Power Repeater are an ideal solution for Restaurant coverage.


Now days, people tend to use cell phones to make phone calls instead of the landlines at home. Therefore, it is crucial to have good signal coverage inside the house. When the house is suffering from the poor cellular signal coverage problem, the Low & Medium Power Repeater, and the PICO ICS Repeater are great solutions to the poor signal problem of the house. Normally, the coverage requirement of a house is much smaller compared to a shopping mall or a factory. Therefore, the repeater with low or medium output power would be sufficient.

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