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Repeaters are often being used to cover the blind spots of the Base station by the operators due to the simplicity of the repeater implementation and the efficiency of the coverage results compared to the Base Stations. However, the repeater still has its cons, which is the UL interference. To minimize the interference, Remotek develops one unique function “Intelligent Mode”. With intelligent mode, the repeater’s parameters can be adjusted automatically and periodically according to the RF environmental changes to achieve the network optimization.


Remotek welcomes the demand of customized cell phone repeater products. Please send your repeater requirement to us.   


Band Selective Repeater - Low & Medium Power

The Low & Medium Power Band Selective Repeater provides a smart solution for expanding mobile signal coverage in small areas, such as the restaurant, VIP premises, parking lots, basements, offices, etc.

Band Selective Repeater - High Power

The High Power Band Selective Repeaters are cost-effective solutions when mobile signal coverage are required in large areas, such as the supermarkets, factories, office buildings, parking lots, tunnels, and rural areas, etc..

Fiber Optic Repeater

Remotek’s Fiber Optic Repeater is used for mobile coverage extension for indoor/ outdoor long distance applications. The Fiber Optic Repeater combines ease of use with unsurpassed performance resulting in an exceptional value for any cost-conscious mobile operator who wants the most feasible solution at the best price.

Cable Booster

Remotek’s cable booster can be deployed as a cost-effective solution for indoor coverage extension with a BTS or repeaters. The Cable Booster also has the Intelligent Mode embedded. Hence, the interference can be minimized.

Channel Selective Repeater

With high selectivity character, Remotek’s Channel Selective Repeater provides superior out-of-channel suppression to avoid interfering with adjacent channels.
It can be applied to the urban RF environment where suffered from interference caused by complicated donor signals. The Channel Selective Repeater is also an ideal solution for rural area. The Channel Selective Repeater is suitable for the network with base-band hopping or synthesizer hopping less than 12 channels.
These Channel Selective Repeaters are designed with a waterproof enclosure which can endure almost any outdoor condition. With advanced and user-friendly Operation & Management System (OMS), engineers can monitor and configure multiple repeaters remotely as long as they can log in to the OMS system via a web browser legitimately. .

Frequency Shifting Repeater

Remotek’s Frequency Shifting Repeater is used for GSM or DCS signals coverage extension for long distance outdoor applications. The Frequency Shifting Repeater consists of a Master unit (MU) and a Remote unit (RU). The MU shifts the signals from working channels to unused channels at different frequencies, and transmits to the RU. The RU shifts the received signals back to their original frequencies, amplifies and transmits to the coverage area. With the frequency shifting technique, 360° degrees coverage can be achieved, and the problem of isolation can be completely neglected.
The Frequency Shifting Repeater is mainly used for large rural areas with low traffic including highway, tourist spots, tunnels and villages. With advantage of low power consumption, solar power can be used as its power source. Therefore, it can be applied to hard-to reach areas where AC power is not available. This solution can be used to replace the BTS that utilizes the genset as its power source; therefore the OPEX would be reduced effectively. 

Interference Cancellation (ICS) Repeater

Remotek’s ICS Repeater is used for GSM, DCS, or WCDMA signals coverage extension especially for outdoor applications. The ICS Repeater is able to cancel the real time multi-path feedback signals by using the digital signal processor technology and avoid the interference due to insufficient isolation. With 30 dB of isolation cancellation capability, the service antenna and the donor antenna can be installed on the same medium size tower with a short vertical distance. Therefore, the application of RF outdoor repeater would become much easier and cost-effective.

LTE Repeater

Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is being deployed by leading telecommunications carriers worldwide. With the LTE technology being aggressively rolled out by the network operators, the need for enhancing and improving LTE coverage solution is growing gradually.

Broadband Repeater

Base on rich experience and outstanding reputation in the industrial field, we are pleased to launch a new portfolio of broadband repeaters under Baselink brand for consumer market.
With enbedded intelligent algorithm and silent mode function in the repeater, the uplink interference from the repeater is minimized; and with isolation detection function, insufficient isolation would no longer be a problem.
The particular design would solve the issues of dead spots or poor service areas (home, small office, workplace, etc...) and subscribers can easily get connected to the network with improved signal coverage.
Baselink RB1X and RP15 series repeaters features include good stability, easy- implementation, low investment and high efficiency; they not only come out with elegant appearance but also contribue reliable performance as an indoor coverage problem solution for relevant network systems.